Bogan Law Group represents clients in promoting, preserving, and protecting Intellectual Property (IP) rights. We advise and represent clients in patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and litigation matters. In addition, we regularly counsel clients on cloud-computing issues, including mergers of providers, outsourcing agreements, regulatory review of anticompetitive conduct, privacy and data management issues and criminal investigations involving search and seizures. Coupled with personalized representation and a team approach, our attorneys can assist you with evaluating your existing IP, applications to protect and preserve new IP developed by your company, the drafting of agreements and contracts to protect your existing and future IP, and with defending or prosecuting claims of improper taking or misuse of IP.

Bogan Law Group - Intellectual Property


  • Providing analysis of existing IP, its worth, and how to best protect it in the future.
  • Performing IP searches and viability opinions.
  • Drafting of licensing agreements to allow for use patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other IP, either by our clients or by business partners of our clients.
  • Drafting of non-compete agreements, work for hire and confidentiality agreements to protect our clients from potential misuse of IP by both employees and independent contractors.
  • Negotiating, facilitating, and drafting agreements for the sale of or licensing of IP by our clients to other individuals or entities.
  • Drafting of employment procedural handbooks and company policies concerning IP issues.
  • Providing counsel on funding, such as helping clients obtain debt or equity financing and advising capital funds that target technology-based companies.

Litigation/Dispute Resolution

  • Obtaining injunctive relief in the form of Temporary Restraining Orders, Temporary Injunctions, and Permanent Injunctions for various clients to protect.
  • Representation of major companies in the prosecution of a lawsuit for unlawful copyright infringement and trade secret violations against a competitor for use of design, logo, technical specifications, and other documents related to its unique marketing concepts.
  • Representation of major companies and/or individuals in the creative industries within the region in the prosecution of a lawsuit for unlawful copyright infringement and trade secret violations to protect our clients’ creative artistry, concepts, ideas, products in the entertainment arena.
  • Representation of a company in securing enforcement of a licensing agreement for use of that company’s IP.
  • Pursuing litigation to prevent former employees of clients from utilizing trade secrets and other IP, as well as to enforce non-compete agreements, after the former employees accepted new employment positions with competitors.
  • Conducting interference proceedings before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, analyze patent infringement and validity issues, and conduct property audits and due diligence analyses.
  • Representation of patent disputes in federal district courts including districts with high volumes of patent litigation.
  • Representation of patent litigation before the International Trade Commission.